How to replace one image with another

I have a grid wherein I have 4 columns with headers as widgets (images). On click of a button i need to hide one of the images which would mean replacing its place with another image and then the previous image with the image following it i.e. reordering. On click of another button I need to bring back that hidden image again and all the images should go back to their previous order. How can I achieve this.

Hi rahulzlpr,

It sounds like you’d like to create an interaction where you’re able to reorder your images–is this right? The following forum threads have some examples of users creating this type of interaction using a “repeater” widget, which may help with what you’re looking to do:

Note that repeaters are one of the more advanced features in Axure RP, so I’d recommend checking out these tutorials on our support page if you’re just getting started:

I hope this is helpful. If you get started with a file that you may need some additional help with, please feel free to post that so we can take a look!