How to save an axure 9 file to open in axure 8

I opened an file in axure 9 and saved it, but the file was created in axure 8. Is there any way to now open that same file with axure 8? The program crashes every time I try to change my font in the generate html font section in axure 9 so I need to open the file in 8 to fix something.

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I do not think it is possible to open Ax9 saved file in AX8. You can probably try to define the font from Share and then trying Fonts. It may be the same as accessing from Generate HTML but crazy things are known to happen!

Hi Anim8me,

If you worked on the file with Axure RP 8 recently, you should be able to recover a backup copy of the file by opening a new file in Axure RP 8 and navigating to “File > Recover File from Backup” from the main menu.

And as kharve mentioned, it isn’t currently possible to open a 9 beta file with Axure RP 8. We recommend holding off on upgrading any major projects to the 9 beta until it is out of the beta period. Or, what may help is to always keep a duplicate of the file in 8 format, or to make sure to use the “Save As” command when saving the file in the 9 beta.

Last, would you be able to post the 8 .rp file where it crashes in the 9 beta? We’d like to take a look at the source of the crashes. :slight_smile: Ty!

So even if I created the file in, opened it in 9 and save, theres no way to open it again in 8?

I can’t give you the file as it has sensitive data on it. I can try to reproduce it on a new file and send that over.

Hi Anim8me!

That’s correct. Once the file is saved in the 9 beta, the file format is updated to 9, and will no longer be openable in Axure RP 8.

And if you’d rather keep the file private, please feel free to email that in to, and we can continue troubleshooting through there. Thanks!

Hi Jane!

The inability to backsave files from 9 to 8 is frustrating! My team mates don’ have enterprise account and their trial is expired. Is there any way I can share my axure 9 files and let them open and work with them in axure 8?


Hi! Unfortunately if a file was created in or saved in 9, there isn’t currently a way to allow users on version 8 to open and work with it; they would also need to be using the 9 beta, which is only available to licensed to users. I’ll let our team know that there’s interest in backsaving files to version 8.

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I believe a lot of users would appreciate this feature as the concept of PRO version is literally based on collaboration.
Thank you for your efforts!