How to set Adaptive view to open 1366 by default

Can I set the adaptive view to 1366 by default?
I have 3 views, 1024, 1366 and 1920.
How can I set the view to 1366 by default when the prototype is opened in browser from cloud.


There is a SetAdaptiveView command (in the Links category, for whatever reason). You could try using that OnPageLoad.

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HI I have the same issue. I have Mobile, tablet and desktop adaptive view.
The Inline Frame only shows Mobile - is needed for the mobile image.

Do you know how to set the Inline Frame to tablet view for the tablet frame (for the team demo). The SetAdaptive View, I tried but I can not get it to work.

In this video you can see what I want at 9:49 min First video