How to set border alignment in RP9 Beta?

How to set border alignment in RP9 Beta please?


Also wondering how to do this. Prototypes imported from Ax8 using the ‘Center along shape’s edge’ setting are all misaligned

Hi folks! This setting was available for legacy compatibility with files that dated before version 7, which all used the “center borders along a shape’s edge” border alignment only. Since it hasn’t been the default behavior for several versions, we removed the option. All borders as of 9.0 beta are only aligned inside a shape’s edge.

Ouch. OK Thanks for the info. This does make it difficult to port over old prototypes to version 9 without breaking the style. Our team has worked in some of the same .rp files continuously for multiple years so many are using this setting.

It doesn’t seem to work as you said. Shapes align outside their edges.

Hi afei929,

This feature pertains to the way that borders render on widgets, rather than their behavior in interacting with other widgets. It looks like you might be showing two widgets in your screenshot?

Hi Rachel,

Maybe I have misunderstood this feature. Thanks for your reply.

为什么要删除呢,在Axure 9中两个控件之间贴合之后会有2像素,这个体验很不好。


Why delete?
Without this setup, I will not migrate my project to the new version.