How to Simulate mobile on a PC browser

I cant find instructions on how to do this.
I want to display my mobile prototype inside a mobile image on a PC browser. So the user sees the mobile with the app inside it.
The contents of the app is ‘longer’ than the screen so th euser can scroll up the whole screen … but within the bounds of the mobile image.
How do I do this?

Ideally I would use adaptive views … so that if the user views on a mobile they dont get the mobile image … but if they get it on a PC they do … that would be a bonus.
The main problem is the scrollable main view area.

Hi adamhughes,
Did you ever tried inline frames for that ? Just convert inline frame widget to dynamic panel and set appropriate height to accommodate content and have the rest scrolled.
I mean something like that feature could be very handy

Best Karel

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Hi Adam,
If you have Chrome, you can use the Developer Tools to simulate a mobile view. You can enable device frames as well.