How to stop/start complex actions?

Hello guys,
I created an image-slider with individual collapsible text boxes sticking to each slide.

What I did so far:
I created an action named Rotating-of-slider-with-indicator that rotates the images and the slider-indicator.

The collapsible text boxes sticking on every slide can be opened by clicking on a button. If the button gets clicked, the animation Rotating-of-slider-with-indicator stops. If you click on it again, Rotating-of-slider-with-indicator continues.

I did this by copying the action Rotating-of-slider-with-indicator to the onClick-case of the button. I don’t like this solution. Everytime I make a little change, I have to copy the changes to
all other actions.

I actually just need an action that stops Rotating-of-slider-with-indicator and starts Rotating-of-slider-with-indicator. So I just want to tell the button, if you get clicked,
please stop the case Rotating-of-slider-with-indicator of the dynamic panel SLIDER#1.

I can’t find the answer to my question online. I’m very thankful for your help!

Here is a slider example. You can start and stop the animation.
I use a condition to check if the play button is selected. Only if that is true the next timer is started.
You can also fire an event on a separate widget if you want to collect all your actions somewhere separated.

have a look and let me know if you run into troubles.

start-stop.rp (57.9 KB)

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