How to update the dataset in the repeater with value from other form?

I have a repeater with button “Edit”. When I click to this button, the Edit form is displayed. The values from the repeater are carried out into this form. I edit them and when i click the “Save” button, the row in the repeater is updated.
But it doestn’t work. I can carry the valuses from the repeater into the form. I’ve created the event “Update row” and use the local variable from the form to update the row.

How to do it correctly?


Your update-rows command will need a rule so that you can target the row the data came from.

When you load the form, grab the value Item.index in addition to all of your column values. E.g., put the value of Item.index in a global variable called v_rowNumber. (Item.index is the row number that the data comes from.)

Then, in your update rows command, use this rule:

[[Item.index == v_rowNumber]]


Thank you! The answer is realy helpful !

I’m experiencing the similar issue. My repeater includes a text field, a file uploader, a delete icon. When onLost focus and click on Add New Row, I want update data on the row. When a file uploaded, the file name will show on the row and text on Select button change to Replace. The issue i’m running into is every time I click on Add New Row, it will clear out all the data I selected. How could I fix this?

Hi MaggieD!

Can you upload your file, or at least the part of this file that illustrates the issue? There can be many number of causes to the issue you are encountering.

Here’s the the issue I mentioned. When I click Add Image Option, I’d expect the image file name I selected from the Select menu would stay.

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