How to use Axure to quickly make interesting and beautiful data visualization large screens?

How to use Axure to quickly make interesting and beautiful data visualization large screens?

Today, I recommend a set of visual template design solutions based on Axure design to the data product manager. Through this set of design templates, you can quickly copy and use to generate cool and beautiful data visualization large screens. Easy to use, low learning threshold, can be copied and used quickly.

Through this set of design templates, the research and development efficiency of visualization requirements is improved, the large-screen interface is flexibly adjusted, and the design threshold of data visualization products is reduced. Axure is easy to operate graphically and has professional visual effects; it guarantees strong multi-dimensional data presentation ability and modification Convenient and interactive; product templates support rich industry scenarios, solve product design problems, simplify the design process, and standardize the UI, so that the ability to enter the development after the product design is completed.

This set of works is designed with Axure’s native functions, and a small part of the background is UX design drawings (some are drawn with pen tools, and the shape and color can be modified). Remove more than cumbersome interactive dynamic effects to restore the original intention. With the development of data analysis technology, its complexity is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for the display of BI data visualization tools and readers’ habits are also getting higher and higher, and the function of BI data visualization on the large-screen display has received more extensive attention and application .

The chart elements of the work include: large screen template, home page, 80+ chart components, visible and can be modified (can be deleted).

The BI large-screen visual display system allows more hidden data to be discovered and read, and the value of the data is brought into play. This prototype solution includes ten cool charts, which can easily realize large-screen monitoring and display, and meet various large-screen visualization application scenarios!

Product name: Axure RP prototyping software for large-screen data visualization of AxureBI

Software version: Axure 8, Axure 9 (compatible)

Work type: BI data large-screen visualization Axure prototype

File type: .rp (html can be generated through Axure)

File size: 56.6MB

Use scenario: PC, large screen

Applicable crowd: designers, data product managers, product managers, data analysts, college students, technical personnel

Features of the work: simple and easy to use, low learning threshold, can be quickly copied and used. Free updates with one purchase. RP contains commonly used chart components for large-screen design, commonly used large-screen backgrounds, and map components of Chinese provinces.

Don’t do too much explanation, let’s put a short video demonstration below. Demo address: Axure prototype demo