How to use glyphicon in axure


Anyone knows, how to use glyphicon in axure. Is there any glyphicon library like fontawesome available in axure ?
Please update on this.


Do you have them as SVGs? Then you can just drag them into Axure. If you have them as a font file you can use them as a web font.

What do you have? The answer to your question is probably “yes”.


I don’t have either font file or svg file. I need any solution which should display glyphicon icons in Axure.

Is it any glyphicon Axure library available?
glyphicon svg files are available for download anywhere?


Font Awesome has some good stuff and there’s a library available:

Might give you what you’re looking for…


Thank you for your support. I am not looking for Font-awesome. I am looking for below link

Is there any axure library available or SVG files are available for download.


Sorry, not that I know of… nor could I find anything with a few quick searches on the forum and Google.


It looks like to use glypgicons you need to pay for a license, at least that’s what I saw on their site.


Yes, I saw many site.It shows, pay for licence. Thank you for your updates.