How to work with Dynamic panels in Adaptive view?

Hi, I have created a new wireframe with Adaptive views. It works fine with Home page. But when I do the same with inner pages, especially when I use dynamic panels it affects all the other views.

If I made changes to the mobile view in the dynamic panel, it changes the desktop and tablet views.

Is it normal? Are there any other possible ways to overcome this problem?

Seeing as nobody else has answered, and at the risk of annoying you…

Personally, I avoid using adaptive views. I think it’s a bit of an Axure “vanity function” that soon becomes more trouble than it’s worth once your prototype becomes even moderately complex. The main problem (as you have found) is unpredictable inheritances changing things without you knowing.

So I just create and maintain separate prototypes for each break point. :man_shrugging: