HTML code showing at top of page

I see some html code at the top of my page in the local version. As far as I know, I haven’t done anything unique or complex to my page, so have no idea why it is showing up. Is there a reason it is appearing on my page and a way to get rid of it?

" type=“text/css” rel=“stylesheet”/> " type=“text/css” rel=“stylesheet”/>

Hi Brandon,

By any chance did you recently try adding a web font with a CSS link? If so, did you make sure to paste just the URL or was the entire code snippet pasted? We’ve seen that type of text render at the top of prototypes in cases where an entire code block was pasted into the URL field for CSS web fonts instead of just the URL, so if that’s the case then please try deleting everything from that field aside from the plain URL and previewing again. Hope that helps!

This was really helpful, i was facing the same problem as Brandon. Thanks

Yes, that was exactly it. Thank you so much.

Happy to help! :slight_smile:

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