Html export not working on windows

I have a problem with the HTML export file.

Trying to open the file with a windows pc, previously exported with a mac, I can’t see the images on the web page.

The screen “shows” only a white page, and this happen just with windows pc, with other mac I have no problems.

Do you have any idea about it?

I have the same issue, my exported HTML file can only be opened on a Mac, but NOT on a PC (both Chrome, both have the Chrome extension installed); on PC it only shows 2 -3 words on a blank page.

My Axure is Team edition:
:smiley: @Alyssa_Axure could you or someone on your team help? Thanks!!!


This may be a bug. What version of the Chrome browser is running on your Windows machine, and do you recall if this issue started just recently or if it’s always been a problem? Chrome just recently released an update that caused some difficulties with viewing prototypes in the browser if adblock is turned on. To confirm if that’s contributing to the issue please try temporarily disabling your adblock and then launching the HTML files again.

If the issue persists then please email the following over to our main channel at so that we can more quickly assist:

  • Your Chrome version
  • Confirmation of whether Microsoft Edge also has the same issue on PC (Firefox can’t launch local HTML)
  • Reconfirm your OS and build of Axure RP 9 so that it’s available in the email
  • A note on whether this issue is fairly recent or if it has always been an issue. If it’s recent then please let us know any details you recall about any changes that happened on your machine and browser since HTML last launched successfully.
  • If permitted, please also attach a copy of the problematic HTML files and the original .rp file so that we can investigate and verify whether the issue is specific to the file, your machine, or possibly the Chrome browser.


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