Huge white bottom section when testing prototype in Axure Cloud app on Ipad in portrait mode



I’m having a bit of issues with the Axure Cloud app on iOS 15.4 for iPad Air 2. I’m testing my prototype in portrait mode but for some strange reason I get this huge white blob-block at the bottom. It’s like the Axure Cloud app doesn’t support showing a prototype in portrait mode.

This white are that is there is not a part of the prototype since tapping 3 times on it doesn’t trigger anything. It’s just dead white space ruining my prototype completely.

Anyone else who has experienced this? Or know how to get rid of it?


Thank you for reporting this issue and bringing it to our attention @henrikw! We have filed it in our system and will look to resolve it as a part of a future Cloud update.

All the best,
Product @ Axure


Hi henrikw,

To add to what Raleigh said, a workaround I found is to first open the prototype with the iPad in landscape mode and then switch to portrait mode after. This removed the white block on my end. I know this isn’t ideal, but hopefully it helps in the meantime!


Thanks Jane!

That worked! :slight_smile: