I cannot open a lot of my team projects via menu


to open a team project, I have to use the menue in the Axure application. But here I see only many folders and 1 team project to open. The other around 30 team projects are not displayed, so I cannot open them. Why is this?


Hi Max! Can you double check in Axure Cloud that the other projects you mentioned are team projects and aren’t regular RP projects? If it is a team project, the file will have a pink icon, whereas regular projects will have a blue icon. If they are still regular RP projects, you can download the .rp file, and then once you have opened that file in Axure RP, you can follow the menu path “Team > Create Team Project from Current File” to create the team project.

If you aren’t seeing any of those projects in Axure Cloud as well though, please check with your team that they have added you to the workspace(s) where they published the team projects to, as you won’t be able to access a team project until you have been invited (and accepted the invitation) to the workspace.

Hopefully that helps!

Just a quick update: with the new changes we deployed to Axure Cloud yesterday, Axure RP project icons now all have the Axure logo, and team projects will have the word “Team” under the logo.