I can't name a connector

Hi all,

I’m trying to assign a name to a connector (since I want to manipulate it via click events) but the “Connector name” field is greyed out and I can’t use it. The connector isn’t locked or grouped with other objects.

Does anyone have a clue about why this is happening?


I think you can’t give a name to connector. But, you can do alternatively.
Open notepad -> Type your connector name -> Copy connector name -> Right click in connector line -> Paste as a plain text.

Hey firebat792,

I’m afraid that you can’t currently name connectors or use them in interactions, which is why you’re seeing that option greyed out in Axure RP. Having the ability to interact with them in this way like you can with other widgets would make a lot of sense though!

Hi Julie - Will be we able to perform interactions on connectors anytime soon? I need an on-click to show/hide connectors, but connectors don’t show up in the widgets list.
Thanks - Dan

Hi Dan,

It isn’t looking like this’ll get added anytime too soon. Though connectors can now be named in RP 8, they still don’t carry interactivity. I’m going to update my product manager about your feedback, though. For now, it might help to use regular Line widgets (with arrows) or custom shapes (both of which are interactive) to simulate the look and feel of actual connectors. Hopefully that can help with the current project!

I found a way to show/hide the connectors , just group the connectors, and then you will find them in show/hide widget list.

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Thank you, super helpful!