I can't use basic Interaction Styles abilities on Axure rp 8

I was working without any problem on Axure 8 but lastly I can’t change color of buttons, text or font size etc. What can cause that problem? pls let me know if you have any idea.

I get this same problem in Axure 8 when I use a different monitor at a different workstation I use. If I bring the Axure file down to my laptop from the monitor I can set all the colors and styling. It’s a very weir anomaly. It only happens on this one older monitor I use sometimes.

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totally same case :slight_smile: I reported the problem to Axure customer support and they replied me;

"I can see that you are using an outdated build of Axure RP 8 (, please update to the latest build , it can be downloaded by visiting https://www.axure.com/release-history/rp8."

I couldnt get chance to update yet.