I have a problem of view in iPhone 6s plus

Hi all, I have made a file,when I view it in iphone(6S plus) the width is not correct.
Equipment:iPhone 6s plus
I don’t know how to set the file.Thank you for your help!

Did you set the the tick on “include viewport Tag”? in the preview options under “Mobile/Device” ?


Yes,but I’m not sure if I set it right.
I’m try to design a page with 414px (iPhone 8 plus ),view in my iPhone 6s plus ,show no mistake.

thank you for you response!:)

Hi! To clarify, is the width of the prototype on the Axure RP canvas 360px or 414px? It looks like both the iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 6S plus have viewport widths of 414px, so depending on your design width I’d recommend the following:

  1. If you designed your prototype at 414px, then the above settings look correct for the viewport tag. When viewing your prototype on your mobile device, please make sure that the prototype sidebar is closed to ensure it can render at the proper width.

  2. If you designed your prototype at 360px but need it to fill the full width of your target device (which is 414px in width), then you’ll want to change the Initial Scale value in the “Mobile/Device” tab of the “Generate HTML” dialog to the value 1.15. This value (which is 414/360) will scale up your prototype to fit the width of a 414 px device.

Hopefully that helps! If you’re still seeing issues, would you mind posting your file so that we can take a look? Thanks!

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Thank you for you response!
The width of the prototype on the Axure RP canvas is 360px,I had try to design it at 414px,it works!

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