Image Editing On Mobile Prototyping

Hello please I want to know how I can rotate my images on Axure RP

What kind of rotation are you trying to do? Just rotate an image on the stage, or do it dynamically as a prototype action? To help us help you better, please reply to this thread and add the .RP file you are working on.

You can start by reviewing the Axure documentation for rotating widgets here:,_size,_and_rotation

A few tips… See this simple demonstration:

RoateImage.rp (145.3 KB)

I started by dragging an image widget on the stage and loading a picture, then set its initial rotation to 15 degrees:

I then dragged in a button widget and set the following code for onClick:

To show some different methods, I added an “Automatic” button to keep rotating the image, and a “Reset” button to stop the rotation. I also added arrowhead buttons to rotate left or right while they are pressed. These all use the technique of “control loop” dynamic panels. I created two empty dynamic panels to control rotation to the left and to the right. They each have two states, and when they change states, they rotate the image 5 degrees. You can examine the onMouseDown event for each of the arrow buttons to see how this works. (Note also, I created the arrow buttons by choosing the triangle widget and rotating the default triangle 90 degrees to make a right-facing triangle and 270 degrees to make a left-facing triangle.)

This forum thread also demonstrates dynamic rotation pretty well:
Rotate a dynamic panel on drag