Images in repeater not showing in preview or publish

Images for a repeater show up fine in authoring tool, but do not display in preview or when published.

Hi Brad!

Our support team has received your email and has sent you a response regarding this issue. I’ll be happy to update this topic as the issue is resolved. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

So any updates?.. I’m having the same issue with a repeater: all looks ok in the editor, but images don’t load when previewing.

EDIT: the issue only occurs when an image is inside a dynamic panel (and the panel is a part of a repeater item)

Hi Alessio!

I’ve checked in on the status of this bug report, and it actually looks like this issue has been determined to be related to an image widget being placed in a group that has been disabled. The issue is still being investigated, but if you’re still experiencing this behavior, please check whether the image inside your dynamic panel is contained in anything like a disabled group. You can try ungrouping the selection to see if this allows the image to display correctly. Let me know what you find if possible! Thank you!