Img rotation after click

Hello, I want rotate img arrow by 180 degrees, and rotation should be with clockwise direction.
Unfortunately, after click, rotation happens randomly (or I don’t understand how it’s work)
rotate_problem.rp (48.8 KB)

Interesting problem. After doing some testing it seems that the value for “rotation” doesn’t necessarily equal the value of “position” or “angle”.

Using the action “rotate by 180”, there is no issue; the arrow just keeps spinning as expected.

Using the actions “rotate to 180”/“rotate to 0”, the computer starts getting confused. Rotating an object by 360 degrees does not mean that it automatically knows to start over again at 0. When rotating an object, “degrees”, in this case, is a unit of distance; how many degrees has this object traveled around its axis.

So say you wanted something to spin 3 times and then disappear. The logic would be: "If [[This.rotation]] equals 1080 (3 * 360), hide [[This]]

rotate_problem.rp (71.3 KB)