Import Adobe XD to Axure

does anybody know if there is a way to import designs from Adobe XD to Axure RP 9?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for posting in the Axure Forums! To import your designs from Adobe XD into your Axure RP protototype, I would recommend exporting your designs from Adobe XD as images, and then importing those images into your Axure RP prototype using image widgets. For help with this, here is a link to our Axure Docs article about image widgets:

I hope this helps!


Hi @Ashley_Axure , thank you for you reply. I found an other way of doing it: save the Adobe XD artboards as SVGs, drag and drop the file into Axure and through the context menu convert SVG to shapes. The styles and fonts will be taken over, bit in some cases you would have to adjust some styles manually.


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Hi Ashley,

There is a plugin for Sketch, is there anything similar in development for Adobe XD?

The SVG process works but is not perfect and reconfiguring files after the importing the SVG can be time consuming.




We’re working on expanding the Axure RP integrations beyond just Sketch. We don’t have a timeline or specifics to announce yet, but you can keep your eyes on our blog and newsletters for updates as new features and tools are released. Thank you!

Hi All,

To provide an update on this post, we recently released a plugin to import Adobe XD designs into Axure RP! For more information on this, please view our blog post linked here: