Import guides from an rp file

It seems like, currently, the “import from rp file” doesn’t handle global guides. They don’t get imported. Or at least I don’t see any option in the importer wizard and don’t see guides in pages/widgets after I import them. Am I right?

My current work around:

  • in rp file to import from > View > Rulers, Grids, Guides > Unlock guides
  • select guides > ctrl copy
  • in destination file > ctrl paste
    …but this is quite tedious if I have different guides for respective adaptive views.

What I would love to have:

  • in destination file > File > Import from RP file > new step: Import global guides
    … result = global guides imported

Or is there another way how to quickly move guides between files?

Another nice feature, imo, would be importing the guides presets as well. what do you think?