Import repeater data from Excel

One of the greatest features in Axure RP8 was that I was able to generate random data in Excel. Then I was able to just copy the cells and paste these into the repeater data.

Looks like in RP9 there is an regression. When I paste the pasted table data is no longer pasted in new repeater data rows and columns. Instead it’s inserted as a single cell.

Is there any workaround on getting data from Excel imported into the date of a repeater?

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Just found out. You must not be in the edit mode of a cell, but the repeater table must be somewhat focused. Then it is working.

I have no idea what ‘repeater table must be somewhat in focus is’, but Axure 9 Mac v. does not allow paste from excel/tabular data into a repeater in any way that I can figure out. I have only started using 9 in earnest in the last few months and I would say that it’s flaky at best on my Mac. Trying to click on things, for example a node in the outline panel in order to rename it, is nearly impossible. When I try to paste the tabular data into my repeater it pastes as an image or as a single cell, depending on its mood.

My workaround? I still have Axure 8, which does this just fine thank you, so I create a single rp file with a dummy repeater in it, I paste my excel data in there, save the file, open the file in 9, copy the repeater data from the repeater and then paste it into my other axure 9 repeater. I then close my Axure 8 file without saving it as a 9 version.

Needless to say, this is not ideal.

Every time I’ve made the mistake of starting a project with Axure 9 I’ve had to revert to Axure 8 (recreating everything), due to an Axure 9 bug that has absolutely no workaround.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson, but it happened to me again last month. The day they stop supporting Axure 8 will likely be my last day with this product. I hope to God that they are not working on Axure 10, when there are so many Axure 9 fires to be put out.

Have you contacted with this issue?

I have found.a workaround, at least for Mac (Mojave 10.14.6 (18G5033), Axure

Copy the Excel Sheet -> Paste it into TextEdit with No Formatting -> Mark the upper left cell of the repeater (not in cell edit mode, just select the cell) -> paste

Hope that works for you, too


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Thank you so much, this actually worked for me, too. I just had to copy the table rows separately.

I have found another MAJOR issue with Repeaters in Team Edition regarding copy paste from an Excel spreadsheet. Once you copy or put an image in a Repeater cell you can NO LONGER copy paste anything from Excel to ANY repeater (and yes the selected cell is NOT in edit mode).

Only the image that you last used gets copied into the cell. It’s broken in a major way.
Also wanted to note that in earlier versions the Repeater could be opened in full screen, it’s now stuck in a tiny, wonky properties window.

How about importing from a CSV? I found this in the documentation:
I’m going to try it on a page today and see how it works.