IMPORTANT ! Sharing project with custom FONTS for client

Hello i have very quick and important problem. I would like to share ICONS with project to my client. Problem is they are custom ( they are from material design icons ) HOW TO SHARE icons on the project without this SQUARES ?

I use this 2 icon libraries

AND Simple basic ARIAL

Problem is when someone dont have this fonts instaled in device this looking like that even when I share project :

You need to set it up as a web font in your prototype.

Good to see you again Sir. Basicaly I would like to add this font : Material Design Iconic Font by zavoloklom

Problem is I using your solution but this doesn’t work for this library. Maybe I doing something wrong. Here are my settings :

Are there any errors in the browser console?

No there are only squares

There are only squares , and my Arial font looking now like times new roman …

Oh sorry In console. I found something …

is any chance to help with this problem ?

Hmm, it looks like you set up a font mapping entry for the Material Design Icons font, but didn’t map it to anything. Does removing that font mapping entry do the trick to allow those Material Design Icons to render correctly instead of as boxes?

Regarding the console error, it looks like you may have put a .js link instead of a .css link in the web fonts tab for your Font Awesome font. Which version of Font Awesome are you currently using in your file? Is it 4.7? If so, and if your current fonts aren’t working, then please try using the assets from the link below to ensure that you have matching versions of the widget library, font file, and CSS link:

If the issue is urgent then please feel free to email along with your .rp file, your CSS links, the widget libraries you’re using, and your current font files so that we can take a look!

You are amazing Allysa ! Always !! It works when I remove that mapping entry but still my Arial font looking like Times New Roman, how can I change it ?

You also have a font mapping for Arial set. Is that also set to nothing?

That was disaster :smiley: Thank you Guys !