Importing styles duplicates and doesn't override default


For some reason when I am importing widget styles from one project to another it is meant to override the default styles in the new project but for some reason it is duplicating all the default widget style elements and when I drag out a widget from the left panel it still keeps it’s original axure default styling.

I am almost 100% sure this has worked for me before. not sure if I am going crazy?


Hmmm, it sounds like you’re getting duplicate widget style names when importing styles from your source file into your destination file. To verify, how are you importing them? Are you using the import wizard via “File > Import from RP File” to select styles to import, or are the styles present on widgets that are loaded in a custom widget library, and you’re importing them by dragging and dropping the widgets onto the canvas from the Libraries pane? Also to confirm, are you importing the widget style called “Default” from your source file, or the out-of-the-box style names for widgets in the default library (e.g. ones named Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, etc…)?

On my end I’m seeing that using the import wizard to import both the “Default” style and other widget styles into the destination file will cause the style imported from the source file to override the styles in the destination file, which in turn causes the new instances of widgets using that style by default to use the newly updated style when dragged from the Libraries pane. Is this your same workflow? If you’re seeing different behavior with that workflow, would you mind providing more details about how your styles were made/modified (including info about whether any were renamed or deleted/recreated), or post an example file? This would help to take a closer look. If you could also let us know which OS and build of Axure RP you’re using that would be helpful as well! :slight_smile:

So I am importing through the wizard via “File > Import from RP File” from an axure library that I have created. I select the default widget styles. I want them to override. But the “Box 1, Box 2, Box 3 ect” are being duplicated and revert to axure’s default and not my own that I have modified in the library and imported to a new project. I have edited the colours and formats and move them to different orders within the widgets styles pane in the axure library, so they are different to axure’s default one. Do you think that could possibly be why they duplicate because they are not in the same order. I never deleted, recreated or renamed the defaults only reordered.

I have exported the library to a local file with the styles and attached the project below, when I drag out the default elements in this library they use the edited styles but the minute I import from this file to a new file that I created it duplicates the elements and doesn’t override the defaults. (I hope this makes sense, tried my best to explain it)

I am using mac OS Sierra version 10.12.6 and Axure
Widget styles import.rplib (807.3 KB)

Thanks for attaching that file and elaborating on your workflow! I see the same behavior as you do, that is, that importing styles with matching names is resulting in duplicates in the destination file. It looks like this is only happening when importing from widget libraries (.rplib) and not when importing from .rp files, which isn’t what I’d expect. I’ve filed a bug report for this on our end so that we can take a closer look.

For now, it looks like you should be able to update the existing styles in your destination file by using the “File > Import from RP File” wizard to bring the widget library styles into the file (as duplicates), and then doing the following:

  1. Drag a widget from the libraries pane and apply the widget library’s imported style to it by selecting it via the widget styles dropdown (e.g. drag out a Box 1 widget, and apply the duplicate Box 1 style to it).

  2. With that widget selected, open the widget styles manager. Select the Box 1 style that you want to override, and click “Copy formatting from Widget”. This should update the original style with the style that you imported/applied to your widget.

Hopefully that helps as a workaround!

I found this post because I am having the same problem. When I drag items from my library, it duplicates the style names instead of overriding them with the document styles. Alyssa_Axure mentioned that she filed a bug report, but it hasn’t been addressed. This is a pretty major problem, it would seem. I’m starting to have duplicates of my styles and I don’t know which widgets have which of the duplicate styles assigned to them. I have a fairly large set of styles set up and I can’t keep manually overriding the styles every time I drag in an item from my library. I need to be able to update the document style sheet on occasion and I can’t import the style sheet to the library every time! Can you please update me on whether or not this bug is being addressed?

I’ve checked on our end but it doesn’t look like this particular issue is close to being fixed. I’ve updated the report on our end to include your input. For the time being the workaround should still be the same as listed above, and you can keep an eye on the release notes for updates. Thanks!

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