Improve page/project generation speed




I am looking for advice on how to ‘speed up’ the rendering of some of my pages/projects. Basically I am creating a CRM in axure, so there are many pages which is unavoidable, and I think this makes it difficult to reduce the project generation speed after I check in everything (this is when I am waiting for the project to generate in axure cloud). But if anyone has any tips regarding this it would be appreciated.

In addtion, some of my pages contain ‘wizards’, which I have created with a dynamic panel that has many widgets per panel, symbolising all the actions needed to be taken for each step of the wizard. The other option is to create separate pages for each step, but it doesnt feel right as the page should not reload after each step of the wizard. The issue is that when the page is first loaded it can take almost 30s to load. Any other advice on how to improve performance?


What is the size of your RP file? How many dynamic panels have you used per page?


The project is around 45 MB, so not crazy but it will grow.

The wizard page is very heavy though, each page of the dynamic panel has repeaters or other dymaic panels/tables etc. There are hundreds of widgets in total. I am not sure if there is a way the load speed can be optimised to not load everything at once or something?


Okey. I believe that is due to the extensive utilization of dynamic panels, repeaters and conditional logics on each page. If possible, try to separate them on other pages. As you have mentioned the file will grow, it’s always better to split this excessive number of dynamic panels & repeaters into separate pages. That approach has helped us load the complex prototypes faster.