Including Axshare prototype in html-page using iframe - stuck on axshare login page

Hi everybody

i am trying to merge an axure prototype with an confluence documentation. To do this i am using iframes with src=[[axshare pagelink]] on each confluence page.

Unfortunately i am getting stuck on the login page (after submitting credentials, login page is displayed again an again) if I activate password protection for the prototype.

Without password protection it works properly.

Does anybody has the same issue or knows if there is an easy solution for that (enterprise hosting or disabling password protection is no option at the moment :smile: ) Or do I have to adress this to support@axure?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi @gorodan

I tried both a plain HTML file and a Confluence page with an iframe that points to an Axure RP 9 Axure Cloud password protected prototype but was always able to enter the password and see the prototype. So I’m thinking this might be an environment specific issue.

Does this happen when you take Confluence out of the equation? For example, if you create a plain HTML file with an iframe and the src pointing to your Axure Share prototype do you run into the same issue? To test that, create an HTML page from the following file:

iframe.txt (150 Bytes)

You’ll want to change its extension “.HTML” and modify the URL in a text editor so it points to your Axure Share prototype.