Infinite Crash Loop

There seems to be an INFINITE crash loop that occurs. The only way I was able to “End Task” to stop the infinite crashing of infinite report error dialogs was to open the Activity Monitor app (Mac) and manually force quit from within the Activity Monitor. Doing it from the Dock would only force quit one instance of the crash and thus would continue to infinite crash.

See how thick the drop shadow of the Report Error modal is. This is because there are tons of report errors stacked on top of each other. YIKES

Hi Jaewoo!

I’m very sorry to hear that. Is there a particular set of steps that are taken to trigger the crashes (e.g. selecting a widget, switching pages, etc.), or do they happen at random?

I’d also like to get the Axure logs from your machine. To get those, please navigate to:

/Documents/Axure User Data/Axure-9-0/logs

Please zip up the entire contents of the “logs” folder, and send that over to The logs should give us a better idea of what’s causing the crashes on your machine. Please also let us know the version of Mac you’re running, and whether this happens in one file or all files. Ty!