Inline frame problem

Hi there!

I have one problem with my Inline Frame. I`ve attached the link to Prototype
and video to explain the base flow and problem in it here.

I used the InlineFrame (parent) and wants that user pressing Button “Sign up” could switch to screen Task-manager exactly in the same frame. But by some mistake user is switched to the entire page, not to the page in Frame.

I’ve attached the source file as well. So, what I did wrong? and what`s is the best way of doing this.

HealthCraft.rp (380.5 KB)

Thank you, guys!

Hi @ivikavik.

You can check the “Show panel if hidden” checkbox on the Interaction set on the Sign Up button.

HealthCraft.rp (380.3 KB)

Also, you can use an Inline Frame to have a ‘Prototype page’ and have the design in another page.

HealthCraftInlineFrame.rp (379.4 KB)

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Thank you.

If I understand right there’s no any method to place different screens on different pages and to switch between them inside InlineFrame?

You can open pages (or any URL) inside inline frames. If the action is within the page loaded in the inline frame, then just open the page in the Current Window. If the action is coming from the parent page (which contains the inline frame) then use the Open Link in Frame action and point to that inline frame widget. If you want to replace the parent page from an inline frame, choose the Open Link action and select “Parent Window”.

I’m a little confused because the .rp file you attached doesn’t have an inline frame and doesn’t match your video… So, I built on @designerd 's solution by copying your dynamic panel states to separate pages, which seems like what you want to do. There are examples of changing pages within the page loaded in the inline frame as well as a droplist on Home page to demonstrate changing pages externally.

HealthCraftInlineFrame2.rp (423.9 KB)