Inspect View Bug for SVG Assets - Not Respecting Groups

The new Inspect View in Axure Cloud is a literal game changer. Thank you so much guys for FINALLY providing this feature to bring Axure on par with the other leading UX prototyping tools on the market. It was killing us to not have this capability, while still advocating for the use of Axure over Invision, etc.

Anyway, I found one significant bug related to SVG assets. If you click on an SVG that has multiple elements grouped together (e.g an icon or logo), the Inspect View ignores the grouping and doesn’t allow you to download the icon/logo/graphic as a whole. Instead you just have to click on all the tiny individual pieces of it. It would be really nice to be able to download the grouped SVG as one file. Better yet, it would be awesome if users had the option to download a grouped SVG as either an SVG or PNG (depending on what is best for them).


YES! We have the same issue. We need to be able to download a complete SVG (made of multiple shapes) as a single file from inspect mode.

I have been scouring the forum for an hour debating if I should start a new post. I’m a little disheartened to see you posted this a year ago and have received no reply. I am trying to move to Axure Inspect, but a lot of our base files are created in Sketch and come over using the Axure plugin. When we do this our image assets which are SVG’s come over as a ton of grouped shapes. This is fine for interactivity etc, but when the developer uses inspect to download the asset they can’t get the full SVG only the pieces. So we have to export to Zeplin from sketch and keep two files running.

Has there been any progress or are there any workarounds to bring a multi-shape SVG from Sketch into Axure and allow a developer to download the complete SVG from inspect mode??

I hear you Lori. It is quite frustrating that this still hasn’t been fixed in over a year, as I truly see it as a significant bug, not just a requested new feature. I’ve voiced my concern about this issue multiple times.

The other major problem with the Inspect feature that almost renders it unusable in many cases, is the fact that it is not present in the normal published prototype links. This means that the only way a developer can use the Inspect mode, and get access to download assets, is to register with a login. Then they have to be explicitly added as an official member to the workspace that the prototype resides in on Axure Cloud. This seems quite unnecessary and overbearing for a stakeholder just to quickly consume a published prototype. I don’t see why viewing a prototype in Inspect Mode should require someone to authenticate even though they don’t have to do that to view the prototype in normal mode. Inspect mode has become a commodity in all major design tools nowadays (e.g. Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc.). Axure has already created and released this feature. Why not make it available to every prototype consumer, regardless of whether they setup an account or not?

Still running into this issue. Inspect works pretty good, but without continuous improvements the feature become useless.

Please fix this issue.