Inspect View Bug for SVG Assets - Not Respecting Groups



The new Inspect View in Axure Cloud is a literal game changer. Thank you so much guys for FINALLY providing this feature to bring Axure on par with the other leading UX prototyping tools on the market. It was killing us to not have this capability, while still advocating for the use of Axure over Invision, etc.

Anyway, I found one significant bug related to SVG assets. If you click on an SVG that has multiple elements grouped together (e.g an icon or logo), the Inspect View ignores the grouping and doesn’t allow you to download the icon/logo/graphic as a whole. Instead you just have to click on all the tiny individual pieces of it. It would be really nice to be able to download the grouped SVG as one file. Better yet, it would be awesome if users had the option to download a grouped SVG as either an SVG or PNG (depending on what is best for them).