Install of latest RP 10 deletes favorite colors from palette, toolbar settings, etc

Upon install of the latest RP 10, all my favorite colors have been removed from the color palette. This is a beta release, so some unexpected behavior is perhaps understandable. However, this is going to take me days to reconstruct.

Additionally, all of my toolbar settings are back to default and there is no telling what else has been reset as a result of updating.

Axure, please consider some means of recovering lost configuration settings. If I had known I would lose all my app settings, there is no way I would have updated to this version of the app.

Hi crwdfwtx,

I’m sorry to hear that. Do you happen to recall what build you updated from before updating to 3882? And what version of Mac or Windows are you running? It sounds like your settings file was wiped upon updating, which is definitely not expected. Any additional details you’re able to provide about your setup will be helpful in our investigation. Thank you!

I appreciate the response. It was the most recent stable release, sorry I don’t recall the specifics. This is the first time in quite a while I have dabbled with a beta (this one has some bug fixes I am eager to get ASAP).

Is there a way to back up that settings file? I don’t mind a manual process if it means not having to repopulate all my preferences.

Thanks, RW

My setup is fairly ordinary, or seems to to me. I am using an M1 Pro MacBook (2021) running Monterey which is overseen by our corporate IT. I tend to deal with a single .rp (and one custom .rplib) file, and those files are stored on a corporate managed cloud hub, not locally. The app very, very frequently crashes when I edit and close one or the other of those files, especially the .rplib file. I work in Axure daily.

Hi RW,

Gotcha. These settings are stored in ~/.local/share/Axure. You should see a settings.10.0.bin file in this folder. You can save this file to another location on your machine and put it back into this folder if you see your settings were wiped again (hopefully not though!).

As for the crashes, is it a hard crash of Axure RP or do you see an error dialog when editing or closing those files? If you move those files from the hub over to a location on your computer, do you still experience the crashes? Feel free to send over your Axure logs to and our support team can further investigate. The logs can be found at ~/Library/Application Support/Axure-10-0. Thanks!

Hi there, I have done some recon based on your suggestions. I moved my files to my local desktop to see if I could eliminate the remote storage as an issue. Unfortunately, the crash still occurs when I close the .rplib file.

This is a hard crash, i.e. no message displayed before the crash. I do get a system message stating that Axure crashed and prompting me to reopen, report the issue (to Apple), or just ignore.

I’m sending my log files to the support email separately, although as I look at them there isn’t much in there as far as any error messages that I can tell. Hopefully you guys will see something I don’t.

I very much appreciate the response and attention to this issue, thanks a lot!