Installing Google Font ICONS

I have read about built in support for Google Fonts- does that include Google ICONS?
If so, HOW do I use those elements in my local design? Instructions?


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You can take a look a this thread, started over 3 years ago.

  • This thread has a link to download the Material icons font from Github. Download, unzip and install on your local computer. You can then use that font in Axure RP locally.
  • Follow instructions to set up the Web Font and Font Mapping if you need to use the icons in an online prototype (or any local computer with web access but that doesn’t have the Material Icons font installed.) (full details about web fonts in Axure are here)

It looks like the new Google Fonts site does not provide a download link for the Material icons font. On their Icons page they only have downloadable SVG and PNG files (both of which you can use in Axure RP as regular icons. The SVG files can be converted to Shapes in Axure (drag in an SVG, right-click it and choose “Convert to Shape”) --then it can be resized, recolored, broken apart, etc. The PNGs can be used as image widgets.