Integration with Storybook?

One of the things missing in many design/wireframing products is the ability to “import” your components.

Our UI Development team surface all the components to Storybook. What would make life a billion times better for us is if we could import those components as our Axure library.

Not only would this be more efficient in design time, always having that confidence any design matches the actual UI that would be build, but we would also not have to waste days and days a year manually keeping our Axure library as close as we can to the actual components.


Any response from the Axure team?
My company is in the middle of assessing a new UX/UI methodology and the consultancy firm we work with, aggressively pushes towards changing to Figma, merely because they support integration with storybook.

Hey urbansombrero99,

I’ve had zero response.

Our team have been moved over to Figma now so bye bye Axure!

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Is anyone from Axure listening? Please contact me, I want to understand if integration with Storybook is on your roadmap - As much as I like working on Axure, there are more aspects other than my own preference and integration with development-side tools is becoming more and more of an issue.

I agree with you 100%. We have the same problem.

But from a technical point of view, I don’t think axure will ever be able to implement this requirement. Axure RP was originally designed for a completely different focus. Modern web design didn’t even exist then. The characteristics of those beginnings are still deep in today’s Axure.

Their technical platform is too different from modern approaches. Web components or React require a completely different approach in managing components. At the technical level, Axure doesn’t really know any components. Every visible object has its own characteristic there and it is not reused. Furthermore, they have no real inheritance strategy. That will make it very difficult for them to implement an integration in a meaningful way.

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What you say sounds very logical, but it would be nice to hear that from an Axure rep, or maybe they do have a plan to stay relevant… I think it is called evolution :wink:

Axure still holds sway for advanced prototyping in my view. I’ve done some rapid prototyping of an MS-Office add-in recently as a proof of concept that you could only dream of trying in Sketch/Figma/InVision etc…

But - for contemporary library integration and design-engineering collaboration, Axure is lagging behind. Until the component / library / instancing / override model is updated that will continue. I imagine the Axure management team have a view on that.

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Came here to say the same thing. Axure integration with tools like Storybook is severely lacking. This would be an incredible value add, especially for large teams that have to maintain a large selection of patterns.

Hello all,

It sounds like Storybook is something that many of you are very interested in seeing integrated with Axure RP. We’ve recently gotten a request for such an integration via our main email channel so our product team is discussing and exploring the idea, but there’s nothing concrete on the roadmap at this time. That said, they’ve expressed that they’re interested in learning more about how users imagine it would integrate (RP > Storybook or vice versa) and what sorts of use cases everyone has. If this is something you’re still interested in then we encourage everyone to send an email to, which is the best place to direct feature requests or product feedback that you want to ensure gets to the right team.

When you submit your feedback it would be helpful for our product team if you could share more about your individual use cases, what you hope an integration would look like if it is implemented in the future, and what sorts of things you can’t currently do in Axure RP that would compel you or your teams to move to an integrated tool specifically for Storybook. All of this will help to see if what y’all have in mind is something that can be built to work with Axure RP in its current state.

We’ll keep an eye out for those and pass them along to our product team! :slight_smile: