Interaction Pane

I’m not sure what I’m missing here. In Ax8 when adding actions I could add an action such as OnClick Hide Widget and then select multiple widgets to hide. It seems that in Ax9 the new interaction builder I have to either copy and paste or add a new action and then search for the widget and choose the Hide/Show behavior. Is this correct? What am I missing? If this is really the behavior this is seriously frustrating and adds significant time to my prototype development. In addition I find it awfully cumbersome to following the interactions. This top down approach doesn’t work very well. :frowning2:

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Hi KavaKiwi!

You can add multiple targets to an action by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the action builder in the Interactions pane:

You can add as many targets as needed to the action, and choose the behavior for each target.

I hope this helps some!

Hi Chelsea,

Thats the problem. In Ax8 I could multi-select widgets in the Case Editor and Ax9 I have to click +, click search, enter widget name, click select… rinse repeat x times. :frowning2:

Hi KavaKiwi,

Thanks so much for the clarification on this! I’ll see about filing a feature request about this kind of multi-selection functionality.

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Thanks just seems sad to me that it has to be a feature request when we already had the functionality. :frowning2: