Interaction styles

Is interaction style for “Selected” not working in RP 8? And is it working in RP9? Anyone know?

It’s always worked for me in RP8 and RP9. Do you have a specific example in which it does not work for you?

A few things to note… You can change most but not all style properties with an interaction style for Selected, even when using style sheets.

If a widget is Disabled, you cannot change or evaluate (test with a conditional case) its selection state. But you can enable it, change/test selection state, then disable it again if needed.

If you are using grouped widgets, there can be unexpected (but predictable) results if you set the group to Selected versus individual widgets within that group. Also, while you can set a group to Selected or Unselected, you cannot evaluate the selection state of a group (…I have no idea why not) --but you can evaluate the selection state of an individual widget within a group.