Interactions in between 2 prototypes?

I need some help please.

I need to interact in between 2 prototypes. I have a desktop, and mobile prototypes for a new service, and I need to send an information from a prototype to the other.

I’ve tried little things, but no success… I don’t know if I need to use a variable, javascript, to store a data in an external file,… Any suggestion and help will be very welcome.

Sorry for my english, I am french, and I love cheeses.


You can use adaptive views to switch between different viewport sizes using the same components.

It’s a good suggestion and I’ve tried without success…, I need a desktop working on a computer and a mobile prototpe working on a smartphone on the same time.
Another idea is maybe to use the computer clipboard ? But how copy and paste clipboard in Axure ?

If you use Axure Cloud you could have two devices accessing the same prototype at the same time. However, I don’t think there’s a way for two different user sessions to pass data back and forth, or for data to be passed out of the prototype.

Oh là là! :smiley:

I believe this requirement exceeds the capabilities of any average UI prototype tool.
In UI prototyping, conceptual gaps are unavoidable. For example, it’s hard to model system architecture the way you want it. Finally, you model a complex interface there. For these system concepts, other methods, forms of presentation and tools are often better suited.

Although Axure is a powerful tool, your use case seems to be a little bit out of scope.


Thanks for you reply. Indeed, it’s not in Axure features scope. :slight_smile:

I’ve already found a solution to store a variable in an external text file with Javascript. But, my Javascript skills are very limited, and I don’t find a solution to read this file in Axure file.

Any Javascipt expert around to help me please .