Interactions with custom shapes

Hi is it possible to make custom shapes selectable as an interaction?

A donut diagram for example has multiple pieces in itself.
Each piece should have an interaction, perhaps you can click on the red piece and it shows the
statistics for the red piece only.

The problem I have right now is that the selection itself is always a square and not the assigned custom shape, in this case a slice of a donut chart. This makes it so, that you can click something unintentionally bringing you towards the wrong information

I even tried recreating a slice of the donut with the pen tool, but the interaction will remain as a square shape.

So, is it currently possible to create custom shapes OR an image with a particular shape that is NOT a square to be only interact-able within the shape/image itself?

I believe some other prototyping tools have this feature already.

See here for an quick example:
donutchardesignexample.rp (701.5 KB)

If you layer the shapes from largest to smallest (so the biggest one is at the bottom and you layer each smaller one on top) then clicks should be blocked to incorrect layers.

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The clickable area will always be rectangular (in Axure, anyway), so no, you can’t have the clickable area be only the polygon. davegoodman’s answer above is what you want.

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