Is it possible to delete a widget with an interaction

I have two dynamic panels in a larger one. I want the top dynamic panel to be deleted permanently when the user clicks the ‘x’ button in the top corner, and have the bottom one move up to take up the space of which it took.

The problem is I don’t see such an interaction and other methods like hide/show and disable doesn’t complete it the way I want it to. Either the widget is present and can’t move up cause the space is still there, or there’s faulty logic in the command I give it.

Hey @SaltyCroissant, it looks like you’d like the widgets below to be pulled up whenever you hide the upper dynamic panel; is it right? If so, then in the “Show/Hide” action, you can click on “More Options” and select “Pull widgets below”.

By the way, taking a look at a copy of your .rp file would be helpful here.

Hi Tanya,

I’ve done a method with your recommendation and it works, but I was wondering if there was a method to make the top widget disappear permanently without making it into a dynamic panel. I’ve learned that some interactions aren’t responsive when I have too many dynamic panels within each other, so I was curious whether this would work.

For Context:Axure help RP - dynamic panel issue.rp (119.2 KB)

The yellow highlight is the section that is the top dynamic panel that will disappear when the ‘x’ is clicked. This entire block (area on the black box) is a popup when activated by an icon/button on the main site.

An example of what I am concerned about is that when you click on the ‘Click me’ content under the 12:00 or 13:00 card elements, there should be a popup with ‘Extra Info’, which pushes the other time cards (14:00 etc) widgets underneath. (If you preview this file, you can see the 12:00 and 13:00 if you hover your mouse over the top time cards and scroll to 12:00 or 13:00).

In the RP file, I am unable to make this function work because there is another dynamic panel holding the ‘Section 1’ DN panel and ‘Task Cycle’ DN panel content together. However, I need that larger DN Panel to hold those two together because that is the maximum frame I need for the content to scroll and to hide the scroll bars of the other dynamic panels in the Task Cycle. (This part is working as intended.)

An example of the function card push/pull widget DN panel is the 12:00 card in green below all the widgets you see in the RP file.

I’m interested to know the answer to this too as I’ve been trying to do something similar.

Simply put, can a widget that is embedded into a component trigger an event that can affect a widget outside of the component, i.e. on the page?

Seems obvious but all I’m getting are long winded workarounds :confused:

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