Is it possible to vary the dynamic's panel pinning behavior with adaptive views?

Could you please help me with the following issue?
Is it possible to set different “pin to browser” properties while using adaptive views?

For example,

  1. I’m creating a dynamic panel and pin it to bottom and center position.
  2. Switching to a “New View” with “Affect all views” unchecked. Clicking on “pin to browser” and changing it to “center, middle” position. Then I click ok.
  3. Somehow this changes pinning in a base view as well.
    How can I keep it different in different views?

Thank you!

There is not a way to vary the pinning behavior with adaptive views.

What you can do is create a duplicate dynamic panel (dp), one per view, and position widgets as needed in those views. set the SELECTION GROUP of each dp to the same name (e.g., “MyDP”). Set the opacity of all to 0%, then a selected style with opactiy of 100%. In each dp Loaded event, test for which adaptive view is active and if it matches, show your dp.

Alternatively, you could create duplicate states of your dp and in the dp Loaded event, change the state depending on the active view.


I see!
Thank you very much for the detailed answer. You helped me a lot!


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