Is it possible to write to an axure project file using the API?

Is it possible to write to an axure project file using the API, or any other method?

I would like to define a widget or master in a database and then have it instantiated in axure.


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Hi Carmen,

Thanks for posting. As of the latest, I’m afraid it isn’t possible to write to an Axure file using the API. For some workflows, it has sufficed to use Inline Frames which linked to external documents or images. However, I understand that that’s rather limited, so I’ll certainly be submitting a feature request for you in an effort to improve and add to the API capabilities. Thanks!



In our work flow we have a database of standards or widgets. It would be great if we could automatically pull from the database and create Axure elements.


Any updates on this? I could REALLY use this feature.


Hi Carmen,

We’ve taken note of your input here and it’s really been a great help for our team to consider (thank you!). To be completely transparent, though, the API isn’t a development priority for us at the moment–albeit we still seriously consider requests like yours.

And, as such, I’m afraid there aren’t yet hard-set plans to have a writeable API anytime too soon. Expanding the functionality to include that would be ideal; and we certainly see the value in it.

We do update the API throughout the development cycle to make sure it works with major releases; very honestly, though, I wouldn’t want to recommend waiting on an expanded API to come around and address your immediate needs. We are still earnest about tracking and considering our users’ input about the API, nonetheless, and your feedback helps in guiding our plans for potentially implementing greater functionality. To that end, feel free to let us know any further thoughts or suggestions, and I’d be happy to share that with the team as well.

All the best,

The workflow and concept for a round-trip type edit, is an industry best practice. I am really surprised this is not a priority for your tool updates. For example, its really time intensive and inefficient to update notes using the given GUI interface. Just having s simple way to import text is way faster.

Listening to your users it seems is something you should do to make your product successful. I’ve seen many comments on here and other places wanting a write (script) type capability for Axure. Most enterprise level prototype and requirements tools have this ability but yours does not.

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