Is there a tool for Axure mockups that can check WCAG compliance?


Does anyone use a tool for Axure RP files that they use to check 508 / WCAG? interested in Contrast Checkers and/or colorblindness, etc.


For a quick read on contrast and color themes, I’ve just used the basic online tools (e.g., listed here on the W3C site.)

I’ve had A11 consultants go through prototypes (as well as static mockups with full visuals, as my larger-scale prototypes tend to be wireframes or minimal visuals/colors/layout sizing, etc. Basically, just like any other web site or app in design-phases, and that involves a fair bit of extra explanation and hand waving (appropriate for a prototype vs real code.) There is only so much you can do with a prototype, keeping in mind the HTML/CSS/JS code is not representative of a real application–nor was it ever intended by Axure to be such.


Chrome extensions Wave or Axe:

For color contrast I usually use the one provided by Webaim, however this one also gives you suggested colors to replace yours if found not compliant.


thank you. we have been using contrast checker but find it difficult to verify where on the page the non-compliance exists. It looks like it gets lost in all the showing/hiding and different panel states.


Anyone hear of any updates on this topic? When I run the Arc plugin, a lot of irrelevant info is captured assumedly due to how Axure generates its code.