Is there a way for widgets to push/pull upwards instead of downwards?

Hi, just a question of whether this is a functional option to do so or not.

I wanted to make an interaction where a dynamic panel will switch states in a fit to fit-to-content form, but instead of pushing any widgets downwards like in the first part of the image (the green spot at top-left of dynamic panel (DN) seems to be the anchor point), I’d like the DN to push upwards based on where green dot is as the anchor point at the bottom-left, where the DN’s state anchored to change the state where it moves up.

maybe RESIZE and MOVE action would help.

If I understand correctly, it will be difficult to achieve what you’re trying to do with panel state changes, assuming you’re wanting to incorporate some animation. I would instead use the dynamic panel as a clipping mask: set the initial height to display your “collapsed” view only, then on click, set the size of the panel to the full height of the expanded form. You can use some math to “push” widgets above as the panel is being resized. Here’s an example: push-up.rp (50.7 KB)