Is there a way to disable shape editing


When i’m trying to edit text on small widgets, I’ll often doubleclick and end up in shape edit mode. Is there a way to disable this “feature”


Yeah, I don’t like this behavior either. You can submit a bug/feature request to for this.

I agree editing the text value of a widget is far more common than editing a shape, so should be higher priority, especially when the text value is non-null (changing existing text vs adding new.) So, if I double-click a widget that contains text, it should by default go to “text edit mode” and not “shape edit mode.” Keep in mind you can always right/alt+Click a widget and select “Edit Text” --which is a nice just-in-case feature.

For me, this usually happens when I have small widgets or are zoomed out. I’ve found that if widget/zoom is large enough, the “shape edit mode” (shape-point cursor shown) only shows up if I click on/near the edge of a widget, not when I click in middle of widget. Regardless, if I start typing, text is added to the widget. in most cases I can single click a widget (or tab) to select it and just start typing to edit text–no double-click required. But, if I want to change just a portion of the text (and not replace it all) it can sometimes be frustrating to get the cursor to show and use mouse or arrow-keys to navigate the string.


Seems like it could also just be a selection mode kind of thing. Node mode.



Unless I double-click on the 1 pixel directly in the vertical middle of that, I’m editing the shape like a moron.


Hi @gothate,

Thank you for posting about this. I have reproduced this behavior you are seeing where double-clicking small widgets can result in entering the mode to edit the points of the widget (typically reached via right-click > Transform Shape > Edit Points). Can you please let me know if this is the mode you are referring to?

If so, it also looks like this issue can be avoided by double-clicking the widget near the center instead of double-clicking near the widget’s border. Please let me know if double-clicking in this way seems to help with the widgets you are seeing this issue occur with.

Additionally, I will be happy to submit a feature request to our product team to provide an option to disable entering this mode when double-clicking near a widget’s border.

I hope this helps!



There is roughly a 1px space in the exact vertical center of the above widget that allows text editing, something I use very frequently, and quite a margin around and inside the widget that causes it to enter Edit Points mode, which I almost never use.
Frankly you should only be able to enter Edit Points mode via the right click menu, at least for my typical usage. Maybe I’m the only one, but I often have to change text on widgets and almost never have to change a rectangle to a different shape.


Hi @gothate,

Thank you for following up about this. To help, I will include this feedback that you have provided with the feature request submitted on your behalf. This will help our product team better understand your use case so that it may be considered while reviewing and implementing new features.

I hope this helps, and please reach out to us again if you need any further assistance!

Best wishes,


“Feature” still present in AX10


Axure could be smarter about figuring out what the user intends here. To avoid entering shape edit mode, I select the small shape and hit the Return key, which puts it into text editing mode.


It’s a mystery to me who is constantly editing shapes in day-to-day prototyping, versus changing text on things which I do CONSTANTLY.


Maybe I’ll just comment in here every time I try to edit text and go into CREATIVE ART MODE for no reason.

There is something else happening here too, I can semi-consistently (about 1/4 of the time) enter shape editing mode on a rapid double-click that is nowhere near the edges of a shape (~420px by 198px) coming from a different selected shape. This is with a mac on


Your fellow Axure users here on this forum can’t do anything about this. Please do not comment here “every time”…

Rather, send bug reports to


Please god, this has been happening for 3 years now. Gather metrics on how many people cancel stupid useless edit shape mode immediately after entering it if you need to.


I agree with the sentiment from this thread as well because I frequently enter the edit points mode unintentionally and rarely ever actually need to. That being said, I will let our product team know and submit another feature request on your behalf so they know more users (and some staff) would appreciate something like this being implemented. I would personally love to see a feature that allows you to disable double-click to edit points mode.

In the meantime, if you have any other feedback or questions, feel free to let us know at

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Good news, everyone! :nerd_face:

We’ve implemented this feature request as an improvement in our most recent release candidate build of Axure RP 10 ( You can update to this build via “ Help > Check for Updates ” and ensure that “Include beta channel builds” is checked or download from the link provided below:

Feel free to live life on the edge and double-click near a widget’s border to enter text edit mode!

As always, we appreciate everyone’s feedback and contribution to helping this request come to fruition.