Is there a way to link to a specific version / how to use Axure with Scrum Sprints

We are a scrum shop, and we manage our work by writing user stories, and those stories will have links to Axure when there are UI models associated with them?

I’ll state it like a story, because I think that expresses it the best:

“As a software dev teammember, I want the Axure model that my user stories reference to be a specific version, so that our UX team can enhance the model for future work in a different version without changing the requirements of story I’m working on right now.”

The problem we have is that as our UX people modify the Axure models, the links in the user stories point to the same model, so by the time a sprint ends the model might be different than it was when we started the sprint. I really want to be able to reference specific “version” of the model from my story so that we have common understanding of what is in scope for a given sprint.

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A few recommendations.

  1. Make sure to use Axure Cloud to provide the link.
  2. I always create a page at the beginning of my document with all changes and reference to a jira.
  3. As you are working in Teams, i would recommend creating subsets of the same page as a child with version number to identify the changes easier.

Hope this helps in the interim of a better solution.