Is there a way to make sure your file saves properly?

I’ve saved my working file twice and had to restart my device. But when I opened this Axure file, the work wasn’t saved at all.

Normally when you close an app, you’ll get a notification warning asking if you want to save your file. I don’t recall this happening when I closed Axure 10, but I usually check File>Save to see if it is faded out to make sure I saved the file. Is there some other way to check if you’ve saved it correctly? This has happened twice to me and I lost lots of work on it.

Hello @SaltyCroissant

We apologize that you’re encountering those issues and have lost work due to this. You’re right though, normally Axure RP 10 should prompt you if you wish to save your work before closing the application so that’s definitely usual. If you lost any work, you can try to recover some of your work by using our auto-saved backup files.

To help us investigate the behavior you’re seeing, can you please provide us with some of the information below:

  • Does Axure RP prompt you to save your work if you attempt to close the application after opening a brand new file and adding a widget?

  • Can you let us know what build of RP you are using? You can find this information via “Help > About Axure RP”

  • Can you provide the Mac or Windows version you are using?

Hi Ben, I’ve figured out my problem. There were two places I saved the file on my device, I thought I moved the file into my intended folder, but my device actually made a copy of it when I dragged it over. I ended up overriding the save on the first copy in the folder I moved it from and it didn’t save over the copy I moved it too.