Is there an easy way to maintain elements/components across Axure files?

I have several Axure files for my current project due to the files being too large to have a single prototype. Across the files many of the components are the the same however maintaining them is a pain. Is there a way for masters to be held in a single place and used across files, so that if I make a change in one I don’t have to make it in 7 places?

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You can try saving them in a custom widget library; then you’d just have to load the library to each of your projects.

Can’t do that across files…sorry.

Hi cmollard,

Master widgets can’t be shared and dynamically edited/updated across files (as nithindavis mentioned), however you can try using a custom widget library to achieve a similar function as per niki_h’s suggestion. The master widgets in this library can be edited through its .rplib file and then refreshing the library in Axure RP should allow you to access the updated versions of those masters.

That said, I’ll go ahead and submit a feature request for a more dynamic way to edit and use widgets across files as well. Let me know if you have any other questions!