Issue with interactions inside popup window


In our application, we need to have interactions accross different pages. For this I’m used to set global variables and use the “Page Loaded” event to get the current value.
When navigating frome one page to anther it works fine, but when it comes with popup windows it seems to be more complicated : interactions inside the popup do not impact the global variables, or I am not able to retrieve the value from the page in background.

Typically, I’ve got an element on my page which is hidden by default. I also have a link to open a popup window, with a button inside to make the hidden element appear. As I can’t use a show/hide accross distinct pages, I planned to use a global variable named “showElement” and switch it from “false” to “true” when clicking inside the popup. But it does not work; the console stays empty from the moment the popup is opened, Is there another way to proceed?

Many thanks for reading this and trying to help me.

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