Issues with focus jumping between text fields

I have a prototype to test logging into multiple accounts at the same time. The main login frame has 2 different accounts, each with a username and password field for each account (all uniquely named). Every time the frame loads, I select the first username and type into in. Next I select the first password text field, and the focus (I Bar)immediately jumps rapidly between the username and password fields and keeps jumping without any user interaction. It takes about 15 to 20 seconds and loads of clicking on the password field to finally get focus where I can actually start typing into it.

I checked the setup loads of times and tried different field settings but cannot stop this occurring.

Do you have any OnFocus actions on any of the fields?

No, should I use them?

Not necessarily. Just trying to figure out what might be the issue. If you share the prototype or the file you’ll probably have more luck getting help. Without seeing it we can only guess.

multiple-login-test.rp (694.4 KB)

Account 1:
Username: user
Password: 1234

Account 2:
Username: user2
Password: 222

The fields start flashing/changing focus when I select password field 1

Hi @coliney,

It seems you had a lot of Onload interactions which set a new panel each 60ms:

I don’t know exactly what it did to Axure but removing them remove the input’s issue too:
multiple-login-test_remove-onload-spinner.rp (680.4 KB)

you could maybe activate your spinner when you need it (when it is visible in the user interface) and not from the start, each **** 60ms for each of you 8 spinners :smile_cat:

Depending on your need, it could be activated OnShow, OnPanelStateChange, OnClik on the button which change the panel, …


Thanks, removed the timed spinners and the issue stopped. Might just use static spinners of the testing.
Thanks again

Or use a GIF,

I did find a spinner which look like yours:
multiple-login-test_GIF-spinner.rp (705.7 KB)

and a button to display it:

In Axure it’s a bit tricky at first to use GIF but it works great afterwards:

Thanks for that Pierre. I removed the Axure animation and its all working correctly now.