Justify Text in Axure


I’ve been looking—so far with no successful results—for an option to justify text in Axure.

Is this even possible? If so, can you please let me know how?

Thanks in advance.

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Honestly. It’s stresses me too…

Option 1) If your prototype is hosted on AxShare, there is a Plugins feature you can use to add custom css.

First, create a new widget style (I called this one “justifiedparagraph”). Then apply the new widget style to whichever paragraphs you want to be justified.

Then, on AxShare, add a plugin with custom css:

Axure applies widget styles as css classes, so you can apply any style you want to it, including text-align: justify.

Option 2) If you’re not hosting on AxShare, you can inject css styles by opening an external link and using javascript. If the name of your widget is “justified”, you can inject this line in the Open External Link:



Thank you so much, @skb. I just tried the option 2 given I haven’t uploaded the prototype on AxShare (I’ll do that in the future, though) and it worked. However, it didn’t work targeting several paragraphs (widgets) so I wrote the whole content in one single paragraph and injected the CSS style via an OnPageLoad interaction. I’ll try the other option in the future once I upload the prototype to AxShare.

Again, thanks a lot!