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I have this prototype in Axshare. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the Axure application or this account anymore. I’m planning to use this prototype in a live demo, and I’d like to navigate from one page to the next using a keyboard shortcut. Is there an existing keyboard shortcut to do this? I know I can click the page name in the list of pages, but I’d like to avoid having to do that, as it is going to look a bit unprofessional and take the presentation out of the flow.

I thought I had a hotspot in the prototype to do this navigation with a “continue” button, but unfortunately it isn’t working now.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m trying to do


Hi @mrengy1

I noticed you have also emailed us at Axure Support with the same inquiry so for the benefit of the forum;

Any projects published from Axure RP 8 or earlier do not have keyboard shortcuts feature for the prototype player.

If a project is published using Axure RP 9 or 10, you can use the chevron buttons at the top of the pane or the “,” and "."keys to navigate backward and forward through the pages.

If you have the original source file (.rp) for the project and have access to either Axure RP 9 or 10 (the latter can be trialed free for 30 days), you can publish the file to a new URL in Axure Cloud enabling you to use keyboard shortcuts and hide the prototype player.


It has been a long time since I used RP 8, but as I recall, it supported Key Up and Page Key Up events. If you can get access to an RP 8 app and have the source .rp file, you can assign a Page Key Up event with an Open Link action to go to a specific page, or back to previous page.

Another approach that might work for you is–prior to your demo–run through the pages in the order you want for your live demo, using the left nav bar page list, then collapse the left nav, and use your browser’s keyboard shortcuts for going to next/previous page. …Of course, backing all the way up to your first page prior to your live demo.

For most browsers this will be Alt + RightArrrow for next page and Alt + LeftArrow for previous page. (For Mac, use ⌘ + RightArrow or ⌘ + ]) …Double-check keyboard shortcut documentation for your browser and OS if these keys don’t work for you.

When the Pages tab of the left nav is shown, you can click the blue “dot-arrow” icon on the right…
…to see all of the interactive elements. This might help you find any invisible hotspots.

You can also look at the Console tab and turn on the Trace to see how Axure is handling (or ignoring) any clicks or other interactions.

Best of luck!

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